Oral Surgey

Polite care for pain of your mouth.


We treat several oral surgery including third tooth problem.

koukou_img02Oral surgery is a specialty dealing with trouble all around your mouth, such as troubles of temporomandibular joint (pain and abnormal sound) and canker sore. We exam exploratory carefully with CT and X-ray in order to suggest the best treatment.

About extracting third molars.

It depends on the age of the patient. Also whether the teeth are fully erupted and in a normal relationship to their adjacent and opposing teeth. If the tooth develops a pericoronitis and we think the infection will recur, we’ll remove it.

A great deal of care after treatment.

koukou_img03We will remove the sutures after a week in case of third molar extraction. You can regain the beauty healthy with lively face after treatment, which remove trouble and restore function.

  • general
  • whitening
  • dentures
  • orthodontic
  • implant