Teeth alignment that had worried from a child …
Even after becoming an adult, orthodontic is possible.


Alignment of teeth has a significant impact on the health of the body.

kyosei_img02Misaligned tooth tend to accumulate dental plaque, leading high probability of caries and periodontal disease. In addition, abnormal occlusion affect indirectly temporomandibular joint.

Teeth line that combines aesthetics and functionality with high quality treatment.

Orthodontic treatment gives you aesthetics, such as impression of the mouth and facial contour, and recovers the function of mastication, pronunciation, and occlusion. In addition, it also allows to remove the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

You can eliminate the complex of teeth alignment, even after becoming an adult.

kyosei_img04In our clinic, orthodontic treatment will adapt to several cases of wide ranging, from children to adults.

We propose most effective treatments for patients.

kyosei_img03We flexibility offer you several treatment, such as wire-type mouse-piece, on demand from you.

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