Whitening make you smile!
You can choose 2 type whitening: At office or at home.


You can get twinkle white teeth with whitening.

Whitening is dental procedure to whitens beyond the natural color with removing stain of enamel and dentin by using whitening gel.

Whitening coordinator authorized by Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry is in our clinic.

white_img02Teeth whitening is a medical practice that can be done by dental hygienist or dentist with a national qualification. Make sure you check firmly the state of your mouth prior to treatment.

We offer whitening plan according to your lifestyle.

white_img03With home whitening, we make custom plastic trays and you inject gel into them and take them on your teeth at home. We recommend office whitening at clinic for you who feel bother or anxious about self care. Doctor or hygienist will treat with a light and a dedicated gel in the clinic. You can receive treatment while adjusting such as the white state-of teeth one by one.

Regularly check enable to keep your white teeth.

It is important to remove stain with brushing everyday. Efficacy of whitening depend on patients, then we check and exam your condition at regularly check-up.

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